Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Generous Givers

I love how God works. Today was a crazy day for me. Just busy. Started with a long run in the morning (my training is getting really hard and intense and somedays I just feel like complaining about it) and then rushing around to coffee dates and lunch dates and errands and driving all across the world and ending back home at dinnertime to voicemails and emails and the whole world wanting my attention. I get into these crazy modes of work, work, work. It's so hard to escape.

As I mentioned before, my church is in 31 days of prayer. I didn't go today. Because, quite honestly, I couldn't concentrate with all this stuff I needed to do. My parents went ahead and I made a plan to pray with them for the last half hour at home from 7 - 7:30PM. I'm working away and the internet connection starts giving me a ton of trouble around 6:55PM. It does this a lot. But it just WOULDN'T come back. And I thought oh, yeah. It's 6:58PM. I said I was going to pray but if this stinking internet would start working I'd just keep working on my to-do list. I tried for another few minutes and then shut it off and went downstairs with my Bible. I was laughing on the walk down: that is SO like God. It'll take a failed internet connection to get me to listen sometimes.

I'm so blessed by His Word lately. This morning I read (amongst other things) Psalm 37 - 40. Tonight, I went through and read all of those aloud. I found myself drawn to completely different verses and found some amazing promises. Especially in light of the recent Haiti disaster. I watched some footage this afternoon and reading these verses now brings a lot more meaning. I pray you've been considering donating to the cause if you haven't already. God gives us so much. Give back. He will bless you so abundantly. He's proven this in my life multiple times… ridiculous giver, our God!

"But as for me, I am poor and needy, but the Lord is thinking about me right now." Psalm 40:17a

"The godly are generous givers." Psalm 37:21b

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