Monday, January 5, 2009

Psalm 119

Psalm 119 is the longest psalm in the Bible, but for some reason, it's always been my favourite! I usually had a goal to read 5 Psalms a Day, but on the days I read Psalm 119 it was the only psalm I read because it was so long--maybe that's why I've always loved it. ;) In Grade 9, I set out to memorize it because I liked it so much. I remember I had the first twenty-five verses or so, all written out on cue cards and then it was so overwhelming that I stopped trying. How's that for perserverence? Sheesh. It's written in such a simple way, which I love and for some reason I turned to it again this morning and read all 170 verses.

At my church, we're in the middle of a week of "7 Nights of Prayer" from January 1st to January 7th. It's an awesome way to start off the new year and this is the third year in a row our church has had this week of prayer. Yesterday morning our pastor preached an awesome, awesome sermon--just really stirring up the church about the message of God and his power! Do we believe that God can do the things He did in the early church in our churches right now? Because, honestly, if we don't, why are we here? Why do we go to church if it's not to get inspired and filled up and refreshed so we can then go out and change lives and impact hearts and see people healed and blessed and made whole? The Holy Spirit has done such an incredible work in me even in the last ten weeks or so and my faith has been stirred to a place where I know, in my heart of hearts, that God wants to heal. He wants to heal lives, bodies, minds, self-esteems, broken marriages and relationships, friendships. He wants to move in a big way. God is the same, all the time; He doesn't change. What is the variable then between some of the miracles the early church saw and churches today? US! We are the variable! We are the ones that need to stand up and faith and know so assuredly that He is able to do all things. We need to seek His face early in the morning, read His word and rest in His presence and hear the things He would speak to us! We need to get plugged into a church and have fellowship with other believers. (Luke 4:8) We are the ones who need to draw near to God, and He will Draw near to us!

I saw this amazing desperation in the psalmist in Psalm 119. The writer talks a lot about God's commands and demands and how he loves to follow God's heart in his life. One of my favourite parts was in verse 131 when the author writes, "I am nearly out of breath. I really want to learn your commands." As someone who talks a lot, and talks at a pretty fast rate, I know this feeling! I get out of breath when I am talking about something I am SO excited about, SO anticipating, or SO desiring to see! This is what the Psalmist is talking about! 130 verses after he begins, he's talking so fast and so desperate for an encounter with God that he's out of breath. This desire to see his generation follow God with all of their hearts overwhelsm him in verse 136 as "Tears stream from [his] eyes, because people do not obey Your teachings."

How I would love to be so moved and captured by the heart of God that it would move me to tears when I think about our generation.

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